Sustainable Governance

Based on the policy of "think globally, act locally", the study of urban and regional strategy focuses on creating a methodology that enables students to develop a sustainable society by using the structuralization and "monozukuri" techniques in collaboration with government, local residents and universities.

The following explanation introduces some of the research projects in different areas:

Environmental Policy

The projects in environmental policy study policies which simultaneously pursuit of geo-environmental preservation and community development. In order to achieve this goal, the projects combine spatial information technology with fieldwork methods, both within and outside Japan.

Desertification and Forestation Project This project focuses on the multilateral ecosystem services produced by fields and forests. The project works with local governments and residents to create an eco-friendly system, which not only revives but also extends the local natural environment such as the greening of deserts.
Forest Management Project This project conducts research to find sustainable and independent ways to develop rural areas. It studies and evaluates natural resources in farming and mountain villages, and develops and/or experiments with management models of land and forests to promote the interaction of rural and urban areas.

Urban and Local Policy

The projects in urban and local policy develops methodologies to reform industrially developed twentieth century land into rich land based on contemporary values of postindustrial/mature society in the twenty-first century.

Sustainable Urban and Local System Project This project aims to revitalize urban areas by identifying problems and examining how to apply political / systematic techniques in resolving issue, based on social/spatial analysis of urban environment.
Landscape, Tourism and Regional Development Project Tourism is thought to be one of the leading industries of the 21st century, and landscape is a key perspective of building an infrastructure in depopulated societies. This project seeks to find an ideal way to develop rich urban areas by placing importance on landscape and tourism.

Housing and Community Policy

The projects in housing and community policy study how individual lifestyles are reflected in each living environment; and how to create a safe and comfortable community where individuals can realize their full potential.

Multicultural Project Japan is experiencing rapid globalization in multinational businesses, non-profit organizations, local governments and educational institutions. This project investigates the multicultural co-existence based on actual cases overseas, and seeks to identify new images of Japan.
Community Development Collaboration Project Assuming that residents create the community they live in, this project conducts research to find effective ways of community participation and collaboration with local government and corporations.

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