Environmental Design

In the field of environmental design, students receive practical education and conduct research related to sustainable environmental design and governance in broad areas such as global environment, architecture and urban/rural environment.

The following explanation introduces some of the projects categorized under various research areas:

Global Environment and Technologies

The study of new technology (including electric vehicles, biotechnology, and energy saving devices) seeks to contribute to the improvement and sustainable development of our global environment.

High-performance Electric Vehicle Project This project studies, develops, and evaluates the practical application of an eco-friendly electric vehicle called Eliica using lithium-ion battery, and automated, accident-free automobile.
Global Warming Counter-measures Project This project learns from the negotiation and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol; develops effective policies for achieving its goals; and studies international system for countermeasures against global warming after 2013.

Spatial Informatics

The projects in spatial informatics field collect information on space and time using spatial data technology and its integrated platform including remote sensing, GPS and GIS, and study environmental policies and risk management.

Tourism and Scenery Project This project aims to produce impressive living space and comfortable mobile space by studying tourism/scenery space in emerging fields such as spatial information science and brain informatics.
Digital Earth Project This project studies, predicts and designs the global environment and connect it with society to develop global citizens. It intends to provide the future platform for ubiquitous computing.

Ecology and Landscape

The projects in the field of ecology and landscape explore urban nature, history and culture, and attempt to create a rich urban / natural environment ideally suited for the global environmental age.

Natural Environment Cohabitation Project This project intends to regenerate rivers, organize workshops to construct parks and create forests, and produce an urban environment rich in water and greenery.
Biodiversity Conservation Project This project seeks to conserve and restore biodiversity and regional ecology by reproducing the natural environment through protection of endangered species, preservation and utilization of rural and mountainous environment, and biotope network planning.

Architecture and Urban Design

The projects in the field of architecture and urban design aim to conduct research, make plan, and design social system that can respond to the present environmental and spatial issues ranging from architecture to urban planning and landscape.

Space Intelligence Project This project aims to create an intelligent environment that aids human activities by integrating advanced IT technology into architectural space.
Sustainable Urban / Regional System Project This project develops controlling systems for urban environment based on the specific features of each local community and identifies the best urban environment based on time axis from past to future.

Course Description and Syllabi

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