Policy Design

Economics and Public Finance

The disciplines of economics and finance are considered the core of policy design by nations and autonomous organizations. Projects in economics and public finance study the mechanism by which economic conditions, employment, financial stock and foreign exchange market are directly controlled.

Urban and Real Estate Economy Project In recent years, a large number of Japanese have begun to live in urban areas and this demographic shift has given rise to new problems. This project examines the methods of solving the broad sense of urban problems from economical perspectives, and think of the meaning of richness of life.
Experimental Economics Project The discipline of experimental economics has overturned the hitherto fixed notion that no experiment is possible in the social sciences. This project studies designs for economic institutions through the game theory.

Public Policy-making and Society

The projects in public policy-making and society investigate various social problems and attempt to find their solutions, over and above those that are debated in the Japanese Diet.

Modern Society Research Project This project studies social changes generated by modernization, both historically and theoretically, and examines the ways individuals and groups should function.
Political Communication Research Project This project analyzes the political communication processes of various human agencies exercising authority and interacting with one another through media and other communicative methods.

Law and Institution

Since much of human behavior is primarily governed by law and its institutions, the projects in the fields of law and institution examine design and mechanism to improve life.

International Space Law Project Assuming that International Space Law will make significant progress in the twenty-first century, this project studies ways and means to harmonize diverse interests in space law and create new possibilities in future.
Constitutional History Project Every constitution is influenced by its unique history and institution, and therefore represents some important aspects of national design. Based on this understanding, this project studies different perspectives of revising the Japanese Constitution.

Course Description and Syllabi

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