GIGA: English-based B.A. Degree Program

At SFC, it is possible to study and earn a degree entirely in English.
Those who are interested in studying and earning a degree at SFC but are worried about their Japanese language skills, rest assured, that courses for the GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academic) Program are conducted entirely in English.

What is GIGA?

A quick guide of GIGA

GIGA Movie

An interactive video that can be clicked/tapped on to help you navigate through the pages. The curriculum here at SFC, academic discipline, admission system, student voices, scholarship and housing information ― get to know more about SFC and the GIGA Program from a variety of angles!

8 Features of GIGA

4-year undergraduate degree program taught entirely in English

Degree Offered
Faculty of Policy Management Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Policy Management
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Environment and Information Studies

Diverse research fields offered by the two faculties that take an interdisciplinary approach

Diverse research fields that take an interdisciplinary approac

Research FieldsCurriculum

Free to take courses and seminars from both faculties


Opportunity to learn Japanese and able to choose courses in both English and Japanese

Japanese language course

There's no need to come to Japan for the admission process and submission of standardized test scores is optional

GIGA Admission

Full-ride scholarships available exclusively for GIGA international students before enrollment

GIGA Scholarship

Opportunity to study abroad at world top ranked universities

Exchange Partners

Safe and international environment with on-campus housing available