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Study / Research Support Services

Shonan Fujisawa Information Center (Shonan Fujisawa KIC)

The Shonan Fujisawa Information Center (Shonan Fujisawa KIC) manages and operates the Campus Network System (CNS) and the computers installed on campus, and provides students with various information on the network and computers. If you have any questions about CNS or the installed computers, please contact the CNS service counter at the Shonan Fujisawa Information Center.

Shonan Fujisawa Information Center (Shonan Fujisawa KIC)

AV Consultant

On the first floor of the Media Center is the AV consultant service counter where you can borrow audiovisual equipment and inquire about the use of the Fab Space. The student consultant provides support for students in their learning, research, and creative activities by leveraging their own knowledge and skills.

Office Hours

All full-time faculty members in the Faculty of Policy Management and Faculty of Environment and Information Studies have designated "office hours" once a week during which they provide students guidance and consultation in their individual research laboratories. Students can freely visit not only their home class advisors or mentors but also any faculty member for guidance and consultation.

Database Service

The Media Center provides a variety of databases including newspaper articles and academic journal papers within and outside Japan, corporate information, and legal information. Many of them are accessible from outside the campus. Database Search Space is also available on the second floor of the Media Center. At the Reference Desk, you can ask librarians how to use the databases or how to search for materials and documents.

Multimedia Services

The Media Center is equipped with computers and software capable of editing images, videos, and audio, as well as equipment for producing things from digital data, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and digital embroidery machines. We offer support for students in creating content and products using the equipment.

Research Grant System (CDP Section)

SFC has established various campus-specific systems to support students' learning and research activities.
The research grant system differs from scholarships in that it supports students' research activities. Each grant system has its own objectives which focus on specific research themes and methods. Students are encouraged to apply for the grant system that matches their research activities and goals.
The selection is based on the research plan and grant money usage plan.
Students selected for the research grant are required to submit a research report and an expense report at the end of the research period. In addition, they may be asked to deliver a presentation to report research results at the joint presentation session.

<List of research grants>
●Yamagishi Student Project Support Program
●"Incentives to Study and Conduct Research" Through SFC Education Promotion Foundation
●Research Grants Supported by the Framework for the Promotion of Policy Studies by SFC Students (FPPS)
●SFC Grant for Fieldwork Research in Asia Supported by Ikai Group
●SFC Asia Masuda Research Project Support Program

Research Grants


Center for Physical and Mental Wellness at SFC

"The important thing is not just living, but living well. Our goal is not only to acquire knowledge and skills, but also to be able to make full use of them and fully demonstrate oneself." The following sections in our center work together towards achieving these goals.