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April Entrance Ceremony/Orientation
Spring semester classes start
Keio Foundation Day(23, Apr.)

Waseda-Keio Baseball Games


m72k0620.jpgTanabata Festival

Spring Semester final examinations
Summer break: Late July to mid-September

September September Commencement Ceremony
September Entrance Ceremony/Orientation
Fall semester classes start
October Waseda-Keio Baseball Games

Pitch orf2018

SFC Open Research Forum (ORF)
December Winter Break: Late December - early January
January Anniversary of Yukichi Fukuzawa's Birthday(10, Jan.)
Fall Semester final examinations
February Spring Break: Early February to late March
March Commencement Ceremony

SFC Events

Events for prospective(SFC Open Campus 2022)

SFC Tanabata Festival

SFC's summer festival is the highlights of every academic year. Planned and organized solely by students, this event enable students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors to come together as a community and enjoy summer. Typical festival attractions, such as food stalls selling traditional snacks, flea markets and game booths, are complemented by performances where students display their talents in a myriad of interests ranging from dancing and singing to martial arts and cheerleading. The festivals reach their climax in the evening with spectacular fireworks that light up the night sky.

SFC Tanabata Festival (Japanese only)

SFC Open Research Forum(ORF)

The SFC Open Research Forum (ORF) is an annual event hosted by the Keio Research Institute at SFC, starting from its inaugural event in 1996. Projects from each laboratory introduce the latest research and results through poster exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, and panel discussions.

SFC Open Research Forum