Global Governance and Regional Strategy(GR)

Governance for Global Conflict and Cooperation

Professor, Program Chairperson

The objective of the GR Program is to further deepen understanding of causes of global conflicts and cooperation, and seek solutions through governance at the global, regional, national, and societal levels. This involves the multi-stakeholder interplay of policy practices by international organizations, nation-states, private sectors, and individuals.

The advancement of globalization, the increasing prominence of emerging economies, and innovations in information and communication technologies necessitate new structures and rules for the international political economy. The pivotal role of local governance, society, and individuals also needs to be explored.

Our mission is to examine this complex global environment through an integrated and practical understanding and application of various academic disciplines and to give back fresh findings to society. In the GR Program, projects in various specialized areas such as international relations, security, area studies, and information and communication policy are developed, and lively research conducted, with international students interacting in multilingual environments through English and Japanese.

Affiliated Academic Projects

  • Area Studies And Global Governance
  • China Perspectives
  • Daily Lives And Publicness
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Global)
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Regional)
  • Security And Defence1
  • Security And Defence2

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Possibilities after Graduation

With regards to specific places of employment, there are opportunities in political/private research institutes, domestic and overseas civil service, media, and education related agencies. For instance, past placements include the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), the Development Finance Research Center, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Japan Center for International Finance (JCIF), private consulting firms, international NGOs, a branch of government work, foreign affairs officials, international civil servants, and international journalism, etc. Those seeking careers in education and research have the option of progressing to the Doctoral Program.