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Graduate (GSMG)

The Career Services Section assists students in matters related to job search and career development. Students can obtain information regarding employment opportunities, internships, company profiles and alumni. The Section also provides information through guidance seminars pertaining to internship and job searches.
International students who are interested in participating in these seminars are expected to possess a good command of the Japanese language as these seminars are invariably conducted in Japanese.

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Services Offered by the Career Services Section

Career Opportunities for Graduate Students

Master's Students

Students of the Graduate School of Media and Governance completing their master's program have numerous career pathways available to them in the fields of management, planning, policy making, urban design, environmental design, and media coordination (using multimedia skills). In the private sector, opportunities exist in the areas of planning, investigation, research and computer systems development. Students may also find a job in private think-tanks and consulting firms. They also have possibility to become independent professionals.

Students skilled in policy analysis may find jobs in public corporations, such as government-affiliated financial institutions or overseas cooperative agencies. Some students will play an important role in international organizations by using their specialized knowledge to design projects. Serving as a public servant in local governments or central bureaucracy is also an alternative available to them.

Many IT-related business companies seek master's degree holders from the Graduate School of Media and Governance to help them develop their technologies. Other possibilities are open to them in the area of new art, such as interactive art and computer music, advertisement planning and event design utilizing multimedia technologies.

Doctoral Students

The Graduate School of Media and Governance aims to train doctoral students to become researchers, educators and specialists with high degrees of professionalism, excellent judgment and originality. Students completing their doctoral program acquire the ability to become:

  • researchers who can explore the fields of governance, policy making and social innovation based on new information paradigm,
  • architects who can map out urban development and create a sustainable global environment,
  • specialists who can work in the fields of new information environment, knowledge processing and creation of new sources of information, and
  • educators who can evolve a new education system without being constrained by convention.