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Java Script is used in some of the web pages found on this website. There are times when web browsers will malfunction or display data incorrectly when Java Script is disabled. Therefore, please enable your browser to read Java Script.

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This website utilizes Google Analytics, an access analysis tool, to retrieve and analyze access log data. As well as improving the website's performance, the access log may be processed without specifying individuals and uded for educational and research activities of lectures and other events at SFC.

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A portion of this website utilizes both web beacons (*1) and cookies (*2) in order to collect website usage statistics. Information obtained by web beacons does not include users' personal information. Unless personal information is entered into the website by visitors, it is impossible to identify specific users. Statistical data obtained from the web beacons is used for website improvements and other similar purposes.

It is possible to override some of the web beacons by blocking cookies. Although the website can be viewed without any problems even when cookies are blocked, the connecting function to social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) may be affected.

(*1) A web beacon is an electronic image, otherwise known as a clear gif, which can identify specific information stored on the computers of website visitors, such as cookie IDs, web page access dates, and the descriptions of web pages which feature web beacons.

(*2) A data file which is transferred from a website to a user's computer.

A portion of the photographs displayed on this website are supplied by the SFC Yearbook Committee and SFC CLIP.