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Partnership Activities with Overseas Universities

As of December 2023, Keio University has successfully concluded cooperation agreements with over 300 universities and institutions in more than 40 countries and regions in the world. A number of faculty, administrative staff, and students go abroad every year to conduct research and examinations and actively pursue academic exchanges in various fields.

Keio University Partner Institutions

These agreements are concluded both at the university level, as well as faculty/graduate school level. The agreements that each faculty and graduate school at SFC has concluded are listed in the Level of Agreement section.

Keio University Global Engagement

Governmental Foreign Aid Programs At SFC

The following programs are supported by the Official Development Assistance (ODA) from the Japanese government. Some students from Asian countries study at the Graduate School of Media and Governance under these programs.

Indonesia Linkage Program

This is an advanced human resource development program initiated by the Indonesian government. The program is designed to educate central and local civil servants from Indonesia. Indonesian students spend their first year in graduate schools of their home country, and then the second year in the master's program at the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, and thus receive master's degrees from both graduate schools.

Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)

The objective of the JDS Program is to provide citizens of beneficiary countries an opportunity to pursue academic research at Japanese higher educational institutions. The program targets young government officers from the public sector, researchers, business people, and others who possess the potential to play an important role in resolving social and economic developmental issues. The JDS Fellows participate in planning and implementing social and economic developmental projects, acquire specialized knowledge, and build human networks through research and study in Japan.
The master's program of the Graduate School of Media and Governance has been involved in this program since the academic year 2007.