Global Environmental System Leaders Course

About Global Environmental System Leaders Course(GESL)

Course Outline

This course aims to develop human resources that can create and lead the field of Global Environmental Systems, which is tasked with quickly and appropriately responding to environmental changes on a global scale. The goal is to build a training center for future leaders that leads to the realization of the Global Environmental System, under a university-wide internationalization structure, by combining specialized fields such as Environment、Energy、ICT、Governance、and International Relationships. The Global Environmental System Leaders Program is a 5 years (2 years Master, 3 years Doctoral) course that the Graduate School of Media and Governance and the Graduate School of Science and Technology is creating through a joint partnership. In this course, we train human resources to design and construct Global Environmental Systems that can (1) Detect normal gradual-environmental-change, to support society with those mid-to-long-term changes, and, (2) Implement immediate support infrastructure dealing with sudden and damaging changes to the environment and environmental emergencies through new ICT infrastructure and techniques. This new ICT technology should measure the causes and effects of environmental changes in an "Information Environmental Space", and employ hardware that targets the monitoring and control of the "Real Environment Space". This course focuses on creating a human resource that has the knowledge and design ability for creating both (1) Systems and (2) Social Rules which target environmental problems, by creating a Global Environmental Systems field that integrates technology and social infrastructure. The curriculum of this program is 5 years total (2 years Master, 3 years Doctoral) international training course which incorporates international field work and practical internship through a fusion of remote and on-site meetings with international universities and research institutions in areas with environmental problems, and internationally recognized high-level universities and research institutions, all governed under the international Industry-Academia Collaboration NPO Research guidance structure. Starting from an early stage after entering school (2nd semester), as a general rule students spend several months (6 for PhD students, 3 for Master's students) at a participating institution (universities and research institutions, companies, or NPOs with an exchange agreement) in order to cultivate the research and implementation ability for realizing a Global Environmental System within an international environment. The students who complete the program will receive a "Global Environmental System Leader (PhD)" degree and a "Global Environmental System Leader (Master's)" degree.



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