Systems Biology(BI)

ARAKAWA, Kazuharu Professor, Program ChairpersonUnderstanding Life as a System with Big Data and Making Contributions to Medical Care, Food, and the Environment

ARAKAWA, Kazuharu
Professor, Program Chairperson

The 21st century is said to be the age of biotechnology. Cutting-edge life sciences contribute to every aspect of our society, including medicine, health, food, the environment, and industry. In recent years, life science has rapidly transformed into data driven science as it became possible to acquire vast amounts of data on living systems through comprehensive measurement and analysis. For example, we are able to use metabolome analysis for metabolic compounds, genome analysis for DNA, transcriptome analysis for gene expression, and proteome analysis for proteins. Advanced bioscience is expected to use this data to reveal the inner workings of life and go on to apply the findings to benefit society. The Systems Biology Project addresses a variety of frontier fields such as cancer, immunology, intestinal bacteria, food and health, origin and evolution of life, extremophiles, astrobiology, microbial communities in urban environments, genomics, and systems biology, through a multifaceted approach brought about by the collaboration between SFC and TTCK (Tsuruoka Town Campus). Unique bio-ventures such as cancer diagnosis by saliva, depression diagnosis by blood test, and the production of synthetic spider silk have also been established through our program.

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Graduates of this Program are playing leading roles in the pharmaceutical, food, and computer/technology industry (research and development section) and consulting firms. Students who aspire to pursue advanced scientific careers have opportunities to proceed to the Doctoral program. Many of its Ph.D. graduates have become exceptional researchers in universities or research institutes in Japan and overseas.