Cybersecurity Course

About Cybersecurity Course

All kinds of functions are carried out and controlled through the internet and the myriad of computers and systems connected to it, bringing out society to a kind of cyber age in which information management is essential. Because of this, cyber space security is becoming increasingly important as our society develops. In addition to a practical understanding of information technology and networks, our society needs high level individuals with interdisciplinary expertise in areas such as law, society, management of organizations, and international relations. Furthermore, the ability to analyze cyber-attacks and system vulnerability, and a deep understanding of security to quickly prevent or solve accidents will be critical. This course trains students to become cyber security professionals with unmatched expertise to response to our society's needs.

Project Courses Related to the Course

  • Internet Technology
  • Internet Civilization
  • Novel Computing: AI and Brain Science
  • Software System
  • Creation of Smart City
  • HCI Remixed
  • Security Studies 1
  • Security Studies 2

Faculty Members

  • Chairperson: NAKAMURA, Osamu
  • UEHARA, Keisuke
  • KUSUMOTO, Hiroyuki
  • SHINJO, Atsushi
  • TAKASHIO, Kazunori
  • TAKEDA, Keiji
  • TEZUKA, Satoru
  • HAGINO, Tatsuya
  • HATTORI, Takashi
  • VAN METER, Rodney D.
  • MASUI, Toshiyuki
  • MITSUGI, Jin
  • TSUCHIYA, Motohiro
  • SHIMPO, Fumio