Study Abroad

Keio Student Exchange Program (Outbound)

The Keio University Student Exchange Program (Outbound) is a study abroad program based on university-wide exchange agreements between Keio University and overseas institutions. For this program, Keio University and its partner institutions aim to instill in their students an international understanding and a broad perspective by offering the opportunity to experience university life in a foreign country for one academic year. Credits obtained during the study abroad period may be transferable to be used towards graduation or completion of courses.
Each year, approximately 300 Keio University students (including about 50 SFC students) participate in the programs.

List of Exchange Partner

Number of SFC Students Studying Abroad for one or two semesters

P/M E/I N/M M/G J/M Total
Italy 2 2 4
Indonesia 1 1
Netherlands 1 2 3
Australia 2 2 4
Canada 2 2 4
Singapore 2 2
Switzerland 1 1
Sweden 2 2
Denmark 1 1
Germany 1 1
New Zealand 2 2
Norway 1 1
France 1 3 4
United Kingdom 3 4 7
China 1 1
United States 5 7 12
Total 23 25 0 2 0 0 0 50

(as of April 2023)

*Names of the Faculties / Graduate Schools and Graduate Programs are abbreviated as follows:
Faculty of Policy Management : P/M
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies : E/I
Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care : N/M
Graduate School of Media and Governance : M/G
Graduate School of Health Management : H/M
Master's Program : M
Doctoral Program : D

Keio Short-term Study Abroad Programs (Summer/Spring)

Keio University International Center organizes short-term programs during summer and spring holidays. Participants can deepen their understanding of the topic set in each program through lectures and discussions.

SFC Study Abroad Courses

The Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies offer various overseas language programs to students. These programs are held in about 8 different countries and regions during the spring and summer. Approximately 150-200 students join these programs every year to earn credits.

Study Abroad Courses

Spring and Summer Programs (in the Academic Year 2023)

Language University Names
Arabic Ali Baba International Center (Jordan)
Center for Cross Cultural Learning (Morocco)
Malay-Indonesian Satya Wacana Christian University (Indonesia)
Korean Seoul National University Language Education Institute (South Korea)
Chinese National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)
French Alliance Française de Normandie (France)
Spanish Letra Hispánica
TANDEM SanSebastián (Spain)
German University of Freiburg
Leipzig University
RWTH Aachen University
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Germany)

Overseas Training (Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)

The Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care offers the following elective courses to train students overseas.
Overseas Clinical Practice in Nursing (United States)
Overseas Study Tour on Comparative Health Policy (United Kingdom)
Primary Healthcare and Global Health II: Overseas Study Tour (Laos)

Double Degree Programs

The Master's program of the Graduate School of Media and Governance conducts the Double Degree Program with Yonsei University in Korea and Fudan University in China. Students can obtain two Master's degrees - one from Keio University and the other from Yonsei University or Fudan University - within a minimum of two years after enrolling in this program.

Double Degree Programs with Partner Universities

Overseas Activities Support

SFC offers its own subsidy programs, such as a grant for undergraduate students conducting fieldwork in China and Taiwan; and grants for graduate students to support independent research, making presentations at international conferences, etc. Graduate students also have opportunities to participate in internship programs and in international joint research/overseas fieldwork with faculty members.
In addition, fieldwork and internships in Japan and overseas related to research activities may be registered for credits by completing prior designated procedures and passing screening.

Research Grants