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Keio University Dormitories

International students with a student visa are eligible for a 30% rent subsidy if they live in a student dormitory through the university.
Applications for Keio University dormitories are accepted twice a year: in late January for those wishing to move in at the end of March, and in July for those wishing to move in September.
Those who wish to enter the dormitories should apply based on the information provided by the university, however, if the number of applications exceeds the maximum number of rooms available, a lottery system will be held.

Η (Eta) Village: On-campus Housing

An on-campus student dormitory that houses around 300 students opened at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) in Spring 2023!
Five residents will live in a single unit, intellectually stimulating each other and putting the "living while learning, and learning while living" dormitory lifestyle into practice.

H (Eta) Village: The newest dormitory opened in Spring, 2023

Shonan Fujisawa International Dormitory (SID)

The first dormitory for the exclusive use of Keio students at Shonan Fujisawa Campus. A mixed dormitory with morning and evening meals is provided and plenty of space for students to interact with each other.

Shonan Fujisawa International Dormitory

Student Dormitories outside the SFC area

Student Dormitories

Private Dormitories near SFC

The option of student dormitories and residences for international students managed by private organizations is available around the campus. Please contact the realtors below for further housing information.

Dormitories recommended by SFC
Kyoritsu Maintenance: Dormitories for International Students
Node Growth Shonandai

Finding an apartment

We can assist students in obtaining apartment information from the realtors. Please refer to the following website and click the Housing Information tab.

Information for International Students

Living cost

Living costs (such as food, course materials, public transportation, leisure, and clothing) will vary according to individual circumstances, but generally, students should budget for about ¥120,000 - ¥150,000 per month.

Notes for Off-campus Housing

The average monthly rent for a studio apartment in the Shonandai area (location of the closest train station to SFC), ranges from ¥40,000 to ¥80,000 (excluding utilities). These units are self-catering and usually include all en suite facilities such as a shower, restroom, and kitchen. Please note that apartments in Japan often charge additional move-in fees - such as a deposit, agent fee, key money, and fire insurance - which can accumulate to several months of rent.
Privately owned dormitories located near SFC charge an estimated ¥80,000 to ¥160,000 per month, depending on the type of room (standard, share, etc.) and inclusion of catering, utilities, and en suite facilities.

*The aforementioned properties and real estate agents have no connection whatsoever with Keio University. Moreover, the properties introduced are not officially recommended properties of Keio University.

Contact Information

For more information about housing, please contact the Student Life Section at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus.