Graduation Requirements

The number of credits required for graduation is 124, as shown in the following chart. The requirements are the same for both the Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, but the Introductory Subjects ("Policy Management Studies" and "Environment and Information Studies") that students are required to take in their first semester differ depending on the faculty they belong to. Students begin their studies at SFC by viewing the courses offered at SFC from the perspective of their respective faculties.

Type Courses
Fundamental Subjects
<30 or more credits>
Introductory Subjects
<1 credit>
Policy Management Studies
Environment and Information Studies
Introduction to Keio Gijuku Its History People and Tradition
Subjects of Language Communication
<8 or more credits>
(at least 4 credits earned from at least one language)
English, Malay-Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, German, French, Chinese, Japanese
Fundamentals of Information Technology
<4 or more credits>
Fundamentals of Information Technology 1
Fundamentals of Information Technology 2
Fundamentals of System Programming ,etc.
Subjects of Data Science
<4 or more credits>
Data Science 1 (2 credits or more)
Data Science 2 (2 credits or more)
Wellness Subjects
<4 credits>
Physical and Mental Health for Campus Life
Physical Education 1
Physical Education 2
Physical Education 3
Interdisciplinary Subjects  
Advanced Subjects
<30 or more credits>
Series of Policy Management  
Series of Environment and Information Studies  
Research Seminars
<4 or more credits>
<2 or more credits>
Seminar A
Seminar B
Graduation Project
<2 credits>
Graduation Project 1
Graduation Project 2
(Graduation Project 2 required for graduation)

As of May, 2024

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