Academic Project (AP)

A new type of course in which students engage in cutting-edge research guided by multiple professors who share the same research themes.

Please refer to the SFC Syllabus System for course summary of Academic Project.

List of Academic Project

  • Area Studies And Global Governance
  • China Perspectives
  • Daily Lives And Publicness
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Global)
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Regional)
  • Security And Defence1
  • Security And Defence2
  • Humanities Approach to Modern Society and Culture
  • Interdisciplinary Japanese Studies
  • Language Learning & Teaching Design
  • Multilingual and Multicultural Society
  • Human service and Community
  • Korean Studies
  • Legal Policy on Media and Communications
  • Legal Practice
  • Network Communities1
  • Network Communities2
  • Platform and Innovation
  • Architecture Of Language And Thought
  • Asian-African corridor initiatives
  • Cognitive Mechanism of Development and Learning
  • Creation in Everyday Life
  • Experienceology
  • Performance in Psychology
  • Sports Science
  • The Science of Second Language Learning and Teaching
  • Climate Change And Disaster Risk Governance
  • Embodiment Design Program
  • Nature Positive
  • Smart Mobility (Society)
  • Smart Mobility (Technology)
  • xSDG
  • Art and Science
  • Fusion And Expansion Of Architecture
  • Mobile Methods
  • Creating Shared Value in Practice
  • Intelligent Cities Creation
  • Internet Civilization
  • Internet Technology
  • Novel Computing: AI and Brain Science
  • Advanced Biosciences A
  • Advanced Biosciences B