The Seminars: Project-Based Learning to Develop Expertise

The Keio University SFC aims to raise "leaders for the future", leaders who can "identify a problem and find a solution to it" rather than those who "just know the answer to a given question". In order to practice this philosophy, the Seminars conduct advanced research projects collaborated with private companies and governmental organizations. By participating in these research projects, students can become familiar with real-life issues and also develop expertise, which can prove useful in their Bachelor Projects later.

Students can Register in Seminars from their First Year of Undergraduate Study

The Seminars are the central component of the curriculum. Generally speaking, students may participate in a maximum of 6 credits of seminars per semester. However, Seminars are also open to first-year students depending on their ability. Most of courses at Keio University SFC are designed in such a manner so that they do not limit a students' choice at any time of their study.

Research Collaboration amongst the Faculty, Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Keio University SFC is a place to conduct researches in most contemporary areas which can become a source of new knowledge in the future. The University, therefore, promotes a research system that allows faculty members and graduate / undergraduate students to collaborate in order to help students develop expertise in their chosen fields during their undergraduate study. The University hopes that students will be able to work with faculty members as equal partners rather than as mere receptors of knowledge. The University further believes that the experience and networks of faculty members on the one hand and the ideas and enthusiasm of young students on the other will become advantageous for any innovative advanced research.

With the commencement of the Research Mentoring System in academic year 2007, undergraduate students will be in a position to officially receive individual guidance from faculty members on their area of specialization and life in general. The faculty members will be able to help students in developing research skills and incorporate their knowledge in their Bachelor Projects. Students will also be able to decide their future goals in consultation with faculty members of SFC.