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SFC International Student Handbook

This International Student Handbook provides comprehensive information on a wide range of topics related to both studying and living in Japan.
The topics covered in this Handbook are;

  1. Procedures before coming to Japan
  2. Housing
  3. Administrative procedures
  4. Other procedures
  5. Status of residence
  6. Financial aid
  7. Health
  8. Daily life
  9. Emergency

Download the entire Handbook 2023 (152 pages) from HERE:

How to start your life in Japan

GIGA E-Newsletter

The Office of International Affairs sends out Monthly E-Newsletters to successful GIGA applicants from March to September prior to their entrance to Keio University, SFC.

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Student Counseling

At our Student Counseling Section of the Center for Physical and Mental Wellness (located within the campus), experienced clinical psychologists are available to provide assistance regarding not only student life but also personal issues and other concerns. This service is a valuable resource at SFC to promote better mental well-being, a fulfilling university life, and personal development. Counseling in English is also available for international students.

Wellness Center and Student Counseling

Prayer's Room & Halal Foods

SFC has a Prayer Room on campus for students who need to pray based on the background of cultures and religions in an effort to serve the needs of increased diversity in nationalities, cultures, and religions.
-The prayer is room located on the second floor of the Iota Building.

-The Halal Food Section is inside the Co-op store on campus.
In addition, our on-campus dining facilities, such as Tablier and Ladybird, can prepare halal meals with prior notice. Several vegetarian menus are also available at the co-op cafeteria.

-The Laboratory of Islamic Studies of Keio Research Institute at SFC runs some Islamic-related projects such as Halal Restaurant Guide and Halal Map in Tokyo.


International Student Support Groups

Keio University has various support groups for international students. While you are studying at SFC, you may face difficulties and need support or want some company.
These groups are organized by current students and alumni to help you with your life in Japan on- and off-campus. They arrange parties, events, and various opportunities to experience Japanese culture and tradition throughout the year.

International Student Support Groups

1. Support groups run by Students

Association for International Students (AIS) is a student association in SFC (Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus) organized in 2016.
Their goal is to bring all students together to make SFC a better place. They are in charge of holding events such as Club Orientation, Thanksgiving Dinner, Kenkyukai Orientation, Christmas Party, and more.

KOSMIC (Keio Organization of Student Members of the International Center) is run by Keio University students and facilitates opportunities for international students to receive support from fellow students.
It promotes exchange with international students through welcome parties, arranging conversation partners and Japanese speech contests, as well as various other activities and events. Mainly active at Mita Campus.

2. Support groups run by Alumni

Keio Welcome Net is a volunteer organization by Keio's alumni that helps international students and researchers settle into life in Japan through various activities such as providing them with electronics and household appliances, and accompanying them to hospitals if needed.

・Keio Fujin Mita-kai is a volunteer organization by Keio's female alumni. Kamakura tea ceremony exhibition is held every year and many SFC international students join the event.

Tokyo Mita Club was founded in 1974 by Keio alumni.
Tokyo Mita Club organizes various events and welcome parties to promote exchange with international students.

3. Government

MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) provides useful information to support international students' lives.

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