Human Environment

The study of human environment field aims to provide better understanding of human structures and functions by analyzing the process, which human beings assimilate information, verifying information based on previous knowledge and memory, both on a personal and social level.

The following explanation introduces some of the projects categorized under various research areas:

Cognitive Science

The projects in cognitive science field employ multifaceted research in cognitive mechanism where humans determine and understand what they see and hear to understand human "intelligence".

Cognition and Language Project This project discloses the mechanism of human usage and understanding of a language by using various methods in order to develop robots with a high command of language.
Learning Science Project Under the influence of information technology on educational methodology and content, this project aims at developing educational curriculum and content from perspectives of cognitive science, to promote "better learning".

Sports and Skill Sciences

The projects in sports and skill sciences field analyze the movement of the human body and the mechanism of high skill performance,and promote the use of improved technologies.

Sports Engineering Project This project aims to make sports more enjoyable. It tries to find a new way of evaluating the individual's sports-skill by developing equipments, measuring techniques, and sensors that are useful for sports training and coaching.
Physical Skill Project This project aims to reveal "techniques" of experts in sports and other fields by analyzing the mechanism of human body parts that is controlled unconsciously.

Ergonomics and Human Interface

The projects in ergonomics and human interface field study the physiological and psychological functions of human beings and apply these findings to develop human-friendly products and environmentally-friendly designs.

Ergonomics Project This project identifies equipment design to reduce operator fatigue by conducting metering experiments, such as analyzing human eye movement,pulse and respiration; interviews and questionnaires.
Human Interface Project This project analyzes, assesses and designs computers, robots, mobile phones and Internet services, so that those media become easier to use in people's everyday lives.

Sociology and Psychology

The projects in sociology and psychology field intend to explain human activities, relationship and interactions among human beings in society through the rational process of both individuals and collective groups.

Network Research Project This project aims to provide new methods to conduct Internet-based social research to resolve social issues in a network society, and to enhance data collection and analysis.
Sociosemantics Project This project conducts in-depth social research by studying the sense-making process of each individual.

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