International Strategy

The study in international strategy are based on an ideal concept of governance at a global, regional and national level, and focus on national and international governing bodies, such as organizations, corporations, NGOs, nations and individuals.

The following explanation introduces some of the projects in different research areas:

International Political Economy

National Strategy Project In this project students examine the different roles nations ought to play in an era of ever-expanding globalization. Students consider international strategies by understanding historical patterns and using methods to predict the future.
Foreign Economic Cooperation Project In this project students study issues related to poverty, empowerment and gaps arising from development; and consider methods of economic/technical cooperation for developing countries, and countries / regions in the state-building process.

Regional Strategy

With the stupendous progress of globalization, the concept of region has become somewhat questionable. In the light of this development, the projects in regional strategy examine the growth of regionalism in various regions, such as the European Union, East Asia, America and Africa.

East Asia Regional Integration Project The economic development of East Asian nations has strengthened economic interdependency, and has enhanced the possibility of political and social integration. This project examines the possibility of the emergence of an East Asian Community from different angles.
The U.S. Analysis Project The United States as a superpower has tremendous influence in the world especially in the areas of military, political, economic and cultural enterprise. This project analyzes both the historical American past and the political present vis-à-vis
American international affairs.

Human Security

To ensure and realize "freedom from threats and freedom from poverty", the projects in human security study political issues and propose the creation of ideal individuals and communities to promote and protect such freedoms.

Development and Human Security Project While tracing the history of the concept of "human security", the project examines "political issues to be solved" issues which are derived from political development and/or modernizing policies.
Southeast Asia Regional Development Project The rapid development of Southeast Asia has questioned the hitherto accepted categories of "developing and developed countries" and "North and South" in research analysis. This project intends to critically examine these notional categories.

Language, Culture and Communication

The projects in language, culture and communication develop professionals who can be active in the international community. The projects also study global ideas, cultures and lifestyles through language communication.

Digital Arabic World Project This project creates digital content in Arabic using digital media and Arabic language, and promotes mutual understanding with the Arab and Islamic world.
European Ideas Project This project critically analyzes the ideas developed in Europe, and attempts to understand the universalizing aspects of "Modern Western Europe".

Course Description and Syllabi

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