Social Innovation

The term social innovation refers to the ability to create new ideas by combining various social factors. Students study the way social innovation is implemented and understand its positive impact on society and its economy.

Social innovation functions through various projects categorized under different research areas. A brief explanation follows:

Social Entrepreneurship

The members of social entrepreneurship projects acquire management skills used in "social ventures", which operates in an attempt to resolve social issues. Concurrently, they consider what they can do to initiate social changes as "social entrepreneurs".

Social Innovation Project This project studies new concepts and methods to resolve social and economic problems, and attempts to change society and organizations. The project also launches mission-oriented social enterprise and creates new proposals suitable for society.
Community Management Project This project studies community management through business and non-profit organizations, local communities and cyberspace. It also studies methods to generate social innovations.

Social Venture Management

Success in managing venture/non-profit organizations requires a clear mission, managerial techniques/skills, and the ability to take prompt and accurate action. The projects in social venture management focus on the links between modern theory and practice.

Business Model Construction Project This project studies how to construct business models and handle business/risk management through role-playing techniques to allow students the role of management executives.
Regional Economy and Entrepreneurship Project This project studies social innovation, community formation, regional distribution, money utilization and entrepreneurial activities essential for regional development.

Designing Information Society

In the process of designing an information society, the projects in this area examine social designs, both at the macro and micro level. The projects also study corporate management, organizational governance, social "security and reassurance", and changes in community formation.

Information Society Research Project This project studies IT-related policy of an advanced information society like Japan. It also conducts comparative research between Japan and other nations such as the U.S. and South Korea.
Social System Research Project This project analyzes social phenomenon and suggests solutions, proposes new structure and policies for society functioning as a "system".

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