Business and Administration

The study in business and administration focuses on how organization ought to function and how individual should participate in it. Students learn the strategies of management and methodologies of governance while they study diverse features of organization.

The following explanation introduces some of the projects divided into various research groups:

Business and Management Strategy

Based on the role corporate governance must play, the projects in business and management strategy study profit and non-profit organizational management strategies in a fast changing environment.

Technological Innovation and Organizational Strategy Project This project studies about corporate / competition strategies, business definition, competition analysis, superior strategies, diversification strategies and restructuring; and strategies and innovation in society where new technologies are consistently introduced.
Internet Marketing Project This project studies how marketing activities evolve through interaction with Internet technology.

Financial Engineering and Valuation

The projects in the field of financial engineering and valuation involve comprehensive studies, including mechanism and role of capital markets and precarious political systems and assessment, to understand complex global and Japanese economies.

Financial Engineering and Valuation Project This project analyzes the twin concepts of "time value of money" and "risk and return" to understand derivatives, "futures and options". It also examines financial management of profit and non-profit organizations.
Urban and Real-estate Economy Project Real estate has been an important asset for human beings for many years. This project analyzes housing market, new investments and its usage, household, housing investment and funding.

Career Development

The projects in the field of career development study existing industry-centered type of career development and the new type of career development/design structure, which allows individuals to chose their career paths

Personnel Development Project This project studies business and organizational management based on the belief that %%employees are not the resource but the human capital, and they can proactively invest their knowledge and effort into their organizations%%.
Clinical Education Project This project studies the role of education in Japanese society. It examines the ideal educational system, assessment and establishment of future prospects of elementary, secondary and higher educational institutions.

Course Description and Syllabi

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