Human Security and Communications(HC)

Motohiro Tsuchiya Professor, Program ChairpersonThinking about language, culture, history, and politics based on individuals

KUNIEDA, Takahiro
Professor, Program Chairperson

Human Security has been defined as "freedom from fear, freedom from want." In this program, we tackle various policy issues within the dynamic context of co-existence and cultural exchange, while at the same time examining how to promote and protect human security at the individual and community levels. The common issues we research are related to the diverse nation-state systems, economic systems at different levels of development, various languages and cultures, and historical experiences, which we go beyond the existing framework to solve. We focus on solutions that are not only monopolized by public forms of government, but also achieved through people, ranging from transnational to diverse regional groups, and from the household to the individual level, to include all creative human endeavors. We pursue a variety of research on humanities, such as on language, culture, history, and politics, while taking into account the multifaceted nature of human existence, such as how a person is objectively analyzed as opposed to the subjective meaning in their lives, or the difference between people as individuals or as members of a group.

Affiliated Academic Projects

  • Hummanities approrch to modern society and culture
  • Interdisciplinary Japanese Studies
  • Multilingual and Multicultural Society
  • Language Learning & Teaching Design

List of Academic Project

Faculty Members(as of April, 2021)

Note: "◎" indicates the Program chairperson. " "(Underline) indicates not Graduate School Committee Members.


Name Title Research Interrest(S)
Eiji OGUMA Professor Historical Sociology
Hasumi NISHIKAWA Assistant Professor French Literature, French as a Foreign Language
Hiromi HAKUTO Assistant Professor Japanese Language Education, Language Learning, Multicultural Coexistence


Professor Language & Teaching Design, Language Learning Technology, German literature, media studies


Assistant Professor Arabic Literature, Middle Eastern Society and Culture Studies
Mamoru FUJITA Assistant Professor Latin American Studies (esp. Andean countries), Linguistic Anthropology of the Andes, Aynu Language and Aynu Oral Literature, Anthropology of Development, Modern Japanese Literature (esp. Oe Kenzaburo)
◎ Takahiro KUNIEDA Professor French literature, French language education
Takeya TAKAGI Assistant Professor Korean Language Study, Dialectology, Discourse Analysis
Wakana BABA Assistant Professor German Language Education, Modern German History
Yasutake MIYASHIRO Associate Professor Political philosophy, French philosophical thoughts
Yumi SUGIURA Associate Professor Japanese Language Education,Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis,Multicultural Education


Name Title Research Interrest(S)
Eiichi TAJIMA Professor The Study on China, Especially on Chinese Civil Society, Public Religions, and Chinese Christian Associations
Ken JIMBO Professor International Security, Security in Asia-Pacific, Regionalism in East Asia, Japan's Defense and Security Policy
Yo NONAKA Associate Professor Southeast Asian Studies (esp. Indonesia), Malay-Indonesian language
Yoko HIROSE Professor International Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Development Studies, The Transcaucasus Area Studies

Faculty Profile(K-RIS)

Possibilities after Graduation

Careers include international organizations, development consulting, local regional government, private think tanks, general corporations, journalism, printed/audiovisual media and education. This Program also trains researchers for fields such as regional research theory, human security theory, foreign language education, lingual culture, communications, etc.