Global governance and regional strategies

Abbreviation GR
Chairperson   Eiichi Tajima
Research Fields Politics, Society, Law, Organizations, Public Policy, Diplomacy, International Relations, National Security, Regional Strategy, Geopolitics, Energy, Language, Culture, Information and Intelligence, Outer Space, Communication, Human Security, Cybersecurity
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Lifeworld and Publicness
  • China Perspective
  • Islamic Practice Studies
  • Area Studies for Global Governance
  • Security Studies 1
  • Security Studies 2
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Global)
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Regional)

Human Security and Communications

Abbreviation HC
Chairperson  Takahiro Kunieda
Research Fields Public Policy-making and Society, Human Security, Language Communication, Management Strategy, Urban and Regional Policy, Culture and Communication, Housing and Community Policy, Language, Language Policy, Representation, Education, Arts, Multi-culturalism, Inter-culture, Immigration, History, Nationalism, Foreign Language
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Hummanities approrch to modern society and culture
  • Interdisciplinary Japanese Studies
  • Multilingual and Multicultural Society
  • Language Learning & Teaching Design

Policy Making and Social Innovation(PS)

Abbreviation PS
Chairperson   Isao Yanagimachi
Research Fields Economics and Public Finance, Public Policy-making and Society, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Venture Management, International Political Economy, Regional Strategy, Business and Management Strategy, Financial Engineering and Valuation, Career Development, Urban and Local Policy, Housing and Community Policy, Management Information System Policy, Government, Social Innovation, Local, Global, Government, International Organization, Municipality, Company, Organizational Management, Governance, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology, Game Theory, Organization, Community, Marketing, Media Theory
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Science and Technology Communication
  • The frontiers of Management Studies
  • Public Policy
  • Korean Studies
  • Network Communities 1
  • Network Communities 2
  • Human service and Community
  • Platform and Innovetion
  • Legal Policy on Media and Communications
  • Legal Practice etc

Cognition, Sense-Making and Biophysical Skills(CB)

Abbreviation CB
Chairperson   Yuji Ohgi
Research Fields Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Measurement Engineering, Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Fourier Analysis, Wavelet Analysis, Linguistics, Literature, Inter-Cultural Communication, Music, Sports, Rehabilitation, Life Design
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Mathematics for AI
  • NEURO など
  • Asian-African corridor initiatives
  • Experienceology
  • The Architecture of Language and Thought
  • Mental health and clinical psychology project
  • Sports Science
  • The Science of Second Language Learning and Teaching
  • Cognitive Mechanism of Development and Learning
  • Mathematics for AI
  • Neural Control of Human Behavior etc

Environmental Design and Governance(EG)

Abbreviation EG
Chairperson  Wanglin YAN
Research Fields Economics, Environmental Policy, Urban and Local Policy, Housing and Community Policy, Global Environment and Technologies, Ecology and Landscape, Architecture and Urban Design, Ergonomics and Human Interface, Space and Communication Design, Global Environment, GIS, Living Environment Design, Architectural Heritage, Resource Management, Intelligent
Space, Virtual Design, Energy
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Science and Technology Communication
  • Climate Change and Disaster Risk Governance System for Sustainable Development
  • Green infrastructure and ecosystem service
  • Embodiment Design Program
  • Smart Mobility (Technology)
  • Smart Mobility (Society)
  • Human service and Community
  • xSDG


Abbreviation XD
Chairperson Coming soon
Research Fields Visual, Music, Information, Interaction, Experience, Product, Fashion, Embodiment, Space, Environment, Communication Design, Design, Art, Prototyping, Fabrication
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Music
  • Mobile Methods: Theory
  • Mobile Methods: Practice etc

Cyber Informatics(CI)

Abbreviation CI
Chairperson   Takashi Hattori
Research Fields Computer Science, Computer Network, Information Security, Ubiquitous Computing, Knowledge and Information Systems, Cyber Physical Systems, Post-Silicon Computing, Quantum Computing, Social Robotics, Wireless Communication, User Interfaces, Health Science, Databases, Machine Learning
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Novel Computing: AI and Brain Science
  • Creation of Smart City
  • Software System
  • HCI Remixed
  • Internet Technology
  • Internet Civilization

Systems Biology(BI)

Abbreviation BI
Chairperson  Masaru Tomita
Research Fields Environmental Biotechnology, Biomedical Science, Genome Science, Systems Biology Bioinformatics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Science and Engineering, DNA, Metabolome, Proteome, Metabolic System, Cancer, Microbiology, Food, Cell
Affiliated Academic Projects
  • Advanced Biosciences A
  • Advanced Biosciences B