Science technology and cultural infrastructure has made tremendous progress in the twenty-first century. Computers have become ubiquitous in modern society, and people have acquired a new concept of value and have altered their ways of thinking, perception and acknowledgment. They have adjusted to the stupendous social changes and evolved new procedures to manufacture and develop systems. In brief, the twentieth century habits of mind and evaluation have become obsolete. In a rapidly advancing society where life environment and social circumstances have reached their limits, people who design and embody future aims and goals have become invaluable. This program emphasizes "creative mind" in research and endeavors to train people who can combine hitherto separated areas such as:

  • Art and Science
  • Culture and Industry
  • Development and Expression
  • Logic and Sense
  • User and Maker
  • Craft and Technology

Affiliated Projects

  • Designing Real
  • Social Fabrication
  • Mobile Methods
  • Life Knowledge in Practice
  • Place and Mobile Media

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Fumitoshi Kato
Professor, Program Chairperson

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Faculty Members (as of April, 2018)

Note: "◎" indicates the Program chairperson.

Name Title Research Interrest(S)
ISHIKAWA, Hajime Professor Landscape Architecture, Geographic Design
◎KATO, Fumitoshi Professor Communication design; Facilitation; Communication and media studies; Qualitative research methods
SAVAGE, Patrick Project Associate Professor Music, Psychology, Anthropology, Computer Science, Cultural Evolution, Digital Humanities
MIZUNO,Daijiro Associate Professor Fashion Design Critique and Practice, Design for Social Inclusion, Interdisciplinary Design Research
NARUKAWA, Hajime Associate Professor Fine Art, Design, Architecture, Perspective Drawing, World Map Projection, Data Visualization  
NAKANISHI, Yasuto Professor Information Design, Experience Design, Human Interface, Mobile Computing, Urban Computing, Design Aid System, Creative Activity Support  
ONISHI, Takuya Assistant Professor Extreme, Portable/Light-weight Architecture and Energy Design
TANAKA, Hiroya Professor Design Tool, Design Machine, Personal Fabrication, Social Fabrication
WAKITA, Akira Professor Geometric Modeling, Computer Aided Design, Smart Material

Sub-members of the Program:

Name Title Research Interrest(S)
FUJII, Shinya Assistant Professor Music and Neuroscience (Neuromusic), Drums and Rhythm, Music Brain and Body, Motor Control and Learning in Music Performance, Music Perception and Cognition, Origin of Human Musicality, Beat Perception and Synchronization, Amusia and Beat-deafness, Auditory Feedback and Motor Rehabilitation
MASUI,Toshiyuki Professor User interfaces, Ubiquitous computing
MATSUKAWA,Shohei Associate Professor Architectural Design, Algorithmic Design, Design ProcessTheory
OGAWA, Katsuhiko Professor Commnication Design, Network Sociology, Human Interface
SUWA, Masaki Professor Cognitive Science, Communication Design, Artificial Intelligence, Design Science

Faculty Profile

Possibilities after Graduation

The program aims to develop creators who design innovative value with integrating their own five senses, skills and advanced technology. Some graduates of this program join domestic and international industries such as telecommunication, business consulting, electronic appliance, game, CG design, broadcasting, movie, advertising, WEB, cellular phone contents and publishing. Yet some graduates of this program have become artists, Ph.D. students or faculties in universities, and founders of venture companies. They would be called designer, artist, engineer, design researcher, design engineer, design director, art director, media artist or media architect. Furthermore, we hope they could develop new types of work beyond established category.