Global Governance and Regional Strategy(GR)

Professor Program Chairperson

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Affiliated Academic Projects

  • Lifeworld and Publicness
  • China Perspective
  • Area Studies for Global Governance
  • Security Studies 1
  • Security Studies 2
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Global)
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Regional)

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Faculty Members(as of October, 2021)

Note: "◎" indicates the Program chairperson. " "(Underline) indicates not Graduate School Committee Members.

Name Title Research Interrest(S)
Eiichi TAJIMA Professor The Study on China, Especially on Chinese Civil Society, Public Religions, and Chinese Christian Associations
Haolan ZHENG Associate Professor Modern and Contemporary History of China, Chinese Area Studies
Kazumi OGASAWARA Professor

Public safety policy,Gender based violence, Victim support,Gender studies

◎Ken JIMBO Professor International Security, Security in Asia-Pacific, Regionalism in East Asia, Japan's Defense and Security Policy
Koichiro TANAKA Professor International relations in West Asia (Middle East) region, with a strong focus on Iran and Afghanistan
Michito TSURUOKA Associate Professor International security,European politics,NATO,European integration,nuclear policy


Assistant Professor Global health, Wellbeing/Me-byo, Communication for Development, Individual and Community Level Behavior Change, Health Behavioral Economics, Africa
Motohiro TSUCHIYA Professor Cyber Security, International Relations, and Studies on Information Society
Tomoki KAMO Professor Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, International Relations(East Asia)
Toshihiro NAKAYAMA Professor U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy, US-Japan Relations, International Relations
Vu Le Thao Chi Assistant Professor Risk Behavior, Choices, Human Security, Narrative Approach, Development
Yo NONAKA Associate Professor Southeast Asian Studies (esp. Indonesia), Malay-Indonesian language
Yoko HIROSE Professor International Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Development Studies, The Transcaucasus Area Studies


Name Title Research Interrest(S)
Hajime OISO Associate Professor ICT policy
Wakana BABA Assistant Professor German Language Education, Modern German History
Yuichiro SHIMIZU Professor Japanese Politics, Modern Japanese History, Politics-Administration Relationship, Oral History

Faculty Profile(K-RIS)

Possibilities after Graduation

With regards to specific places of employment, there are opportunities in political/private research institutes, domestic and overseas civil service, media, and education related agencies. For instance, past placements include the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), the Development Finance Research Center, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Japan Center for International Finance (JCIF), private consulting firms, international NGOs, a branch of government work, foreign affairs officials, international civil servants, and international journalism, etc. Those seeking careers in education and research have the option of progressing to the Doctoral Program.