Systems Biology(BI)

Masaru Tomita Professor, Program ChairpersonUnderstanding Life as a System with Big Data and Making Contributions to Medical Care, Food, and the Environment

NAITO, Yasuhiro
Professor, Program Chairperson

It is now possible to obtain enormous amounts of data on living systems through comprehensive measurement and analysis. For example, we can use metabolomic analysis for metabolomics, metagenomic analysis for DNA, transcriptome analysis for gene expression, and proteome analysis for proteins. Systems biology is expected to use this data to reveal the inner workings of life and go on to apply the findings to benefit society. The Systems Biology Project at SFC collaborates with TTCK (Tsuruoka Town Campus) to allow for a multifaceted approach to be taken in a variety of frontier fields, such as cancer, the immune system, the gut microbiome, food and health, the origin and evolution of life, extremophiles, astrobiology, microbial communities in urban environments, genomics, and systems biology. The Program also develops unique bio-ventures, including a saliva test to detect cancer, a blood test to diagnose depression, and the production of synthetic spider silk.

Affiliated Academic Projects

  • Advanced Biosciences A
  • Advanced Biosciences B
  • Multifaceted Considerations of the Meaning of "Life" etc

List of Academic Project

Faculty Members(as of October, 2021)

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Name Title Research Interrest(S)
Akio KANAI Professor Molecular Biology, Molecular Evolution, Developmental Biology
Haruo SUZUKI Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Microbiology
Hiroki KURODA Professor Developmental Biology
Kazuharu ARAKAWA Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Genome Science
Masaru TOMITA Professor Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
Megumu TSUJIMOTO Assistant Professor Polar Ecology, Ecology, Conservation Biology
Mitsuhiro WATANABE Professor Health Science, Anti-aging, Metabolic Disease, Naturopathic Medicine, Preventive Medicine
Tomoyoshi SOGA Professor Metabolomics, Analytical Chemistry, Cancer metabolism
Yasuhiro NAITO Professor Theoretical Biology


Name Title Research Interrest(S)
Miki AKIYAMA Professor Health Communication, Community Health, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Policy

Faculty Profile(K-RIS)

Possibilities after Graduation

Graduates of this Program are playing leading roles in the pharmaceutical, food, and computer/technology industry (research and development section) and consulting firms. Students who aspire to pursue advanced scientific careers have opportunities to proceed to the Doctoral program. Many of its Ph.D. graduates have become exceptional researchers in universities or research institutes in Japan and overseas.