Academic Project (AP)

A new type of course in which students engage in cutting-edge research guided by multiple professors who share the same research themes.

Please refer to the SFC Syllabus System for course summary of Academic Project.

【List of Academic Project】

・Area Studies for Global Governance
・China Perspective
・Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Global)
・Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Regional)
・Islamic Practical Studies
・Lifeworld and Publicness
・Security Studies 1
・Security Studies 2

・Hummanities Approrch to Modern Society and Culture
・Interdisciplinary Japanese Studies
・Language Learning & Teaching Design
・Multilingual and Multicultural Society

・Human Service and Community
・Korean Studies
・Legal Policy on Media and Communications
・Legal Practice
・Network Communities 1
・Network Communities 2
・Platform and Innovetion
・Public Policy
・Science and Technology Communication

・The Architecture of Language and Thought
・Asian-African Corridor Initiatives
・Cognitive Mechanism of Development and Learning
・Creation in Everyday Life
・Mathematics for AI
・Mental Health and Clinical Psychology Project
・Neural Control of Human Behavior
・Perception in Psychology
・The Science of Second Language Learning and Teaching
・Sports Science

・Climate Change and Disaster Risk Governance System for Sustainable Development
・Embodiment Design Program
・Fusion and Expansion of Architecture
・Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Service
・Science and Technology Communication
・Smart Mobility (Technology)
・Smart Mobility (Society)
・Wooden Structure Design

・Art Science
・Mobile Methods: Practice
・Mobile Methods: Theory

・Creating Shared Value in Practice
・Creation of Smart City
・HCI Remixed
・Internet Civilization
・Internet Technology
・Novel Computing: AI and Brain Science
・Software System

・Advanced Biosciences A
・Advanced Biosciences B
・Multifaceted Considerations of the Meaning of "Life"