Internship and Fieldwork

The Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies encourage students to study and conduct fieldwork research outside the campus (termed as off-campus study). Along with learning activities in the campus, students can get a chance to identify new problems and social issues by experiencing social 'hands-on' activities outside the campus and evaluate their performance.

Apart from on campus research, SFC offers study abroad program, fieldwork research, internship and other learning opportunities to students as part of the off-campus study. Among off-campus studies, internship enables students to explore their research themes through practical experience outside the campus. Students are expected to define their career priorities independently through off-campus study.

Internship courses are comprised of "Internship in Business", "Internship in Public Organizations" and "Internship in Social Enterprises". Students are expected to think about the significance of work and personal responsibility as members of society, and decide their future career priorities by participating in various business enterprises, NPOs and venture companies.

In Field Research 1 and 2 courses of the Research Seminar courses, students are expected to obtain tangible results in their research work by conducting local investigation and fieldwork research (fieldwork), and/or working in an organization (internship) related to individual research themes during spring or summer break.