Call for logo design entries commemorating the 30th anniversary of Keio University SFC

The Faculty of Policy Management and Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at SFC celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. To mark this occasion, we are accepting entries for a logo design anticipating the next 30 years.


We are eliciting candidate logo designs for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of SFC. The selected logo will be used in a variety of contexts, including 30th anniversary events, on the SFC official website, in public relations tools, and on commemorative goods, business cards, envelopes, and templates for presentations at academic conferences. We hope to receive proposals from current students, graduates, and faculty and staff members for a logo with a unique concept, and a slightly different feel to the regular SFC logo. The logo will then be put to use for ongoing branding and public relations activities of SFC. Looking ahead to the next 30 years, we plan to deploy this logo over a number of years from the 2021 academic year onwards.

Eligibility criteria

Any one of the following conditions should be satisfied for eligibility to enter a logo design:
 ・Current SFC student, i.e., at the Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, Graduate School of Media and Governance, or Graduate School of Health Management
 ・Graduate of the above faculties/graduate schools 
 ・Currently enrolled at or a graduate of Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School.
 ・Researcher of the Keio Research Institute at SFC
 ・Faculty or staff member of Keio University

What to submit

Please submit your work by e-mail to the below address.
 The file must be submitted in JPEG or PDF format and the size must not exceed 5MB in total. Please submit your work in both color and grayscale.
・There is no limit to the number of separate entries, but please limit to one proposal per entry.
・Please let us know your name/affiliation/student year, or the year of graduation (western calendar)/faculty you graduated from/current affiliation in case of graduates.
・Please write [SFC 30th anniversary logo] in the subject line of the e-mail when submitting your work.

Place of submission

E-mail: somu[at] *Please replace [at] with @

Screening method

The Deans of the undergraduate faculties and graduate schools will undertake a rigorous review of the submitted works.

Important Notes

・Entries must be original and previously unpublished.
・Works submitted to the university will not be returned. The copyright of the work will be transferred to Keio University.
・It is not permitted for entries to use the Pen Mark of Keio University or Pen Mark motifs.
・The selected work may be subject to minor adjustments in consultation with the applicant.
・The selected applicant may be asked to cooperate in drafting the guidelines for the logo design, and design of goods, etc.

Results of the screening

The selected applicant will be notified separately of the results of the screening, in addition to announcement on the SFC official website.
Commemorative gifts will be presented to the selected applicant and applicants entering outstanding works.

Deadline for submission

24:00 on November 16, 2020 (Mon.) *Deadline to be strictly observed


Secretariat: General Affairs Office at Shonan Fujisawa Campus
E-mail: somu[at] *Please replace [at] with @