SFC Held its First-Ever Online Open Campus Event



For the first time in its history, Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) held an open campus event online for high school students and prospective students who are looking to apply to the Faculty of Policy Management or the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at SFC on Friday, August 21.


Through the videos streamed live on the day of the event, the university conducted an opening ceremony that was hosted by the deans of the Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies as well as mock lectures, campus tours by student guides, and Q&A sessions where current SFC students answered questions posed by the viewers.

In addition, the university provided a variety of contents that let the viewers experience SFC online, including on-demand videos that explained the characteristics of learning at SFC and introduced various spots around the campus.

Mock lectures presented a scene that is unique to live-streamed classes, with the viewers posting questions and comments one after another via YouTube's live chat feature.

The Q&A sessions also generated great excitement among the viewers as current SFC students gave honest answers to the various questions that were posted regarding student life, classes, and what they used to do while preparing to apply to universities.

The total number of simultaneous viewers for live-streamed contents rose to approximately 4,600 people, while the view counts for all streamed contents exceeded 33,000 views by the start of the following week. This year's open campus event enabled everyone to transcend the limits of time and space to experience SFC together, which was only made possible by being conducted online.

The website for the online open campus event continues to provide many of the contents that were delivered on the day of the event, including video archives of live streams and on-demand videos. Please check them out.

SFC Online Open Campus
Released by: General Affairs Office at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC)