To Students who Graduate from Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC)

March 23, 2020

Motohiro Tsuchiya, Dean, Faculty of Policy Management
Akira Wakita, Dean, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Yuko Takeda, Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
Fumitoshi Kato, Dean, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Toru Takebayashi, Dean, Graduate School of Health Management

What would Yukichi Fukuzawa, founder of Keio University, think if he saw our crisis in Japan today? He gave his lecture from a text by the American political economist Francis Wayland during a national crisis in 1868. Would he agree with us about our decision to cancel a commencement ceremony and an entrance ceremony? Keio University made a very painful decision to cancel them. We do feel very unfortunate that we cannot celebrate your commencement together.

Studies at SFC aim at problem finding and problem solving. Now we are facing a lot of problems. The novel coronavirus poses challenges on medical care and nursing as well as public health, education, financial administration, diplomacy, environment, logistics, information and many more.

SFC, which was established 30 years ago, has not allowed us to stay in an ivory tower of academics. We must look straight at social problems and think and design solutions to them. We can consider many ways and approaches to such solutions. We should not rely on governments only. Believing in people's power is also Yukichi Fukuzawa's belief, which we share at Keio University.

We believe you won't forget this day that you could not have a memorable ceremony. This is the starting point for your new journeys. We hope you think today is your roots for your contribution to the society.

What Fukuzawa taught us during his Wayland lecture was the importance of continuous study. Please don't forget Fukuzawa's spirit during your new journeys!

We hope you can change the world in a good direction. Happy graduation!