German-Japanese Symposium on Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving (Nov.15th,2017)

Automation will bring radical changes to important aspects of driving and promises fewer accidents and lower emissions. Today, driver assistance systems are already helping drivers to reach their destination in a safer and more efficient manner. Comprising a number of complex elements such as vehicle-mounted sensor systems, information processing systems and control systems, driver assistance systems are continuously increasing in sophistication and performance as efforts toward the realization of autonomous driving proceed.

Collaboration between Germany and Japan in the field of autonomous driving is steadily expanding and was further encouraged by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in March 2017.

The joint symposium of the German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo) and the Consortium of co-creation for drone society, Keio Research Institute at SFC focusses on the progress made by Germany and Japan in the advancement of driver assistant systems as a key to autonomous driving. It provides a platform for German and Japanese established and young researchers as well as other experts to meet and exchange views on cutting-edge technology as well as the current state of R&D.

Topics of the symposium will include:

- Driver assistance systems for personal vehicles

- Partial, high and full automation

- Human–Machine–Interaction / Simulation

- Strategies for the implementation of automated driving in rural and urban areas

【Date】Wednesday, November 15,  2017

    10:30-16:45 (Symposium)

    17:00-19:00 (Reception)

【Venue】Keio University, Conference hall (North Building)
                (Access Map

【Organiser】German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo)

                         Consortium of co-creation for drone society, Keio Research Institute at SFC

【Support】German Aerospace Center

                      German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

【Languages】 Simultaneous translation Japanese / English

【Registration】Please register here
  *Registration is required. Admission is free of charge.

  About the symposium: