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About Keio University SFC

A Proud History of Progressive Education

Keio University traces its beginnings to the original Keio Gijuku, an institution of Western learning unlike any other in Japan in its time. Founder Yukichi Fukuzawa (1835 - 1901) was a man of uncommon courage, vision, and wisdom, who defied the established powers of the time and pursued knowledge above all else, endeavoring to understand the society and morals of 19th century civilization in Europe and North America. His beliefs were very progressive at a time when Japan was just beginning to awaken from centuries of isolation. His convictions and deeds made an indelible mark on the country that would, little more than a century later, become the second-largest economic power in the free world.

Japanese Currency Features the Portrait of Yukichi Fukuzawa

The ten-thousand yen billFukuzawa's portrait has been used on the ten-thousand yen bill since 1984. This new ten-thousand yen note was donated to the University by the Bank of Japan in November 2004.

Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus

In its 150-year history, Keio University has produced many professionals who have become active leaders in society. This has allowed the university to play a leading role in every domain of society. Addressing the needs of our times, Keio University opened its fifth university campus in Shonan Fujisawa (SFC) in 1990. The mission of SFC has been to offer education and research based on an entirely new concept. This future-oriented campus seeks to maintain a balance between providing latest technology and a rich natural environment.

SFC consists of three faculties and two graduate schools. The three faculties are the Faculty of Policy Management, the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care. The two graduate schools are the Graduate School of Media and Governance, and the Graduate School of Health Management.

The brochure of Keio University SFC The brochure of Keio University SFC