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Visit Campus resumed (as of October 11th, 2021)

Due to the influence of COVID-19, visiting campus at SFC has been suspended for a long time since last year. We are pleased to announce that we have resumed on-campus visits from now with the lifting of the state of emergency declared by the Japanese Government on October 1. Please be aware that changes may be made depending on the future situation regarding COVID-19.

Please click here if you come from abroad.

Important notes when visiting campus

・We ask that you visit the campus between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays.
・A campus map for the self-guided tour, a SFC Undergraduate Program Brochure and a GIGA Program Brochure for prospective students are available on the first floor of the Media Center or the Alpha Building (Main Building). Please feel free to take them.
・It will be a self-guided tour and there will be no tour guide. Please freely explore the campus on your own.
・Please feel free to look around the campus while referring to the campus map. You may walk around the facilities, common areas, and the Media Center (library) on campus. Please note that in principle, you are not permitted to enter the classrooms and research rooms.
・If you have any inquiries about the GIGA Program, please visit the counter on the first floor in the Alpha Building (Main Building) between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. only on weekdays. Please understand that we may not be able to respond depending on the situation.
・You may eat at the cafeteria and restaurants on campus when visiting. Please take thorough precautions for prevention of infections.

Safety guidelines for COVID-19

・Please take your temperature before coming to the campus, wear a non-woven fabric mask, disinfect your hands, and avoid the three "Cs" (closed spaces/crowded places/close-contact settings).
・If you are feeling unwell, such as a fever or cold-like symptoms, please do not come to the campus.
・If you come from abroad, make sure to visit our campus after the quarantine period ends.
Please take your temperature and disinfect your hands at the entrance of the Alpha Building. Persons found to have a fever will not be allowed to enter the campus.
・Please come in groups of up to three people. If more than the confirmed number of people arrive on the day, they will not be able to enter the campus. We kindly ask for your understanding.
・Please use public transportation on the day to come to the venue (parking is not available). We ask that you check the bus schedule in advance. Also, please refrain from talking on the public transportations on your way to the campus.
・You may use on-campus restaurants for meals and eat in silence. Please be sure to wear a mask after eating and drinking.

※Click here for information on the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care.(Japanese Only)

Please enjoy SFC online as well as real

【Experience SFC online】
You can experience SFC through videos and images.

【SFC Hybrid Open Campus 2021】
SFC Hybrid Open Campus 2021 archives are now available.


SFC Open Research Forum(ORF)

1123_SFC Open Research Forum (ORF) 2017・域悽邏榊刀・噂hbnn099.jpg

The SFC Open Research Forum (ORF) is an annual event hosted by the Keio Research Institute at SFC. The forum presents findings from research projects conducted at SFC to the world and promotes collaborative research among government and academic organizations, and businesses. Starting from its inaugural event in 1996, the event was held on SFC until 2002. Since 2003, the event has been held in various central Tokyo locations, such as Roppongi and Marunouchi, due to its expanded size.

Today the ORF continues to attract an impressive number of participants and attendees. Because it presents each year a concentrated wealth of innovative technologies devised by eminent engineers and researchers, the event receives significant attention from not only government and industry groups, but also the general public.

SFC Open Research Forum(ORF)

Keio Research Institute at SFC

SFC Festivals

SFC's summer and fall festivals are the highlights of every academic year. Planned and organized solely by students, these two events enable students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors to come together as a community and enjoy the turning of the seasons. Typical festival attractions, such as food stalls selling traditional snacks, flea markets and game booths, are complemented by performances where students display their talents in a myriad of interests ranging from dancing and singing to martial arts and cheerleading. The festivals reach their climax in the evening with spectacular fireworks that light up the night sky.

SFC Tanabata Festival

SFC Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival)

Event Calendar

SFC Tanabata Festival

Date: Saturday, 3 July, 2021
Venue: Online

SFC Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival) Date: Saturday, 23 October, 2021
Venue: Shonan Fujisawa Campus(tentative)
SFC Open Research Forum Date: November 19th(Fri)~30th(Tue) 
Venue: Online