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Shonan Fujisawa Media Center

Library of Nursing and Medical Care

Shonan Fujisawa Media Center houses approximately 350,000 resource materials including 280,000 books, 3,900 journal titles and 4,700 audio and video materials. Aiming to create a digital library, it offers a wide-ranging online service to users, and an easy access to its database and resources such as e-journals through the Internet. The center also has audiovisual equipment and photo, video and sound studios.

AV consultants are available at the AV counter to answer questions and explain how to use equipment. An AV equipment loan service is also available at the counter.

Shonan Fujisawa Media Center

Library of Nursing and Medical Care

The SFC Campus Network System (SFC-CNS)

The SFC Campus Network System (SFC-CNS) features an ultra-high speed (10 Gbps - 40 Gbps) intra-campus infrastructure. Through this system, students can register online for courses, and submit reports and class evaluations. All students are assigned their own email account and allotted 10 GB of disk space for personal storage.

Research Labs

PC Rooms

Sound Recording Studio / Video Shooting Studio

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities of the University are located in the Γ (Gamma) Building. The first floor of the building has a fitness training room equipped with treadmills, weights and exercise bikes, Kendo and Judo halls. The second floor accommodates the volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis courts. It also has a fitness room for activities such as dance. Showers and locker rooms are also located here.

Keio Co-op Store, Fujisawa Branch

The Co-op Store sells books, computer supplies and peripherals, and stationery. The store also has a ticket counter for ticket reservations, driving school registrations, and such.

Student Cafeteria or the Co-op Cafeteria and Cafeteria "Ladybird"

The Co-op cafeteria serving set meals, a variety of side dishes and desserts. The cafeteria called "Ladybird," a cafe-style restaurant, is located next to the Faculty and Staff Cafeteria "Tablier" and serves original pizza and pasta.

Student Cafeteria


Student Lounge "Kamoike Lounge"

※We are temporarily closed due to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The Kamoike Lounge consists of a private area with 39 chairs and a common area with sofas, tables, and 55 chairs for smaller groups to accommodate up to around 100 people. The sofas and other furniture were selected with a focus on comfortability over durability, and are for a variety of uses such as taking a rest or group discussions. It is sure to be a place where fond memories will be made.

Opening Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Convenience store LAWSON

The Lawson Keio SFC offers food such as bento lunchboxes, sandwiches and pastries, rice balls, snacks, beverages as well as fresh coffee, desserts, etc. at and after lunch time. There is an ATM and you can also take care of things such as paying utility bills. You can pay by cash, credit card, and other cashless apps. We strive to offer a wide variety of services that people can benefit from.

Convenience stroe LAWSON

Student Lounge "Subway"

The student lounge "Subway" faces the Gulliver Pond (Kamoike). It serves sandwiches with a variety of fillings, for either eat-in or take-out.

Sports Ground

The Sports Ground is available for soccer, rugby, softball, ultimate frisbee, touch football and other outdoor sports.

Tennis Courts

Gulliver Pond (Kamoike)