Environmental Innovators Course

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About Environmental Innovator Course

The Environmental Innovator Course aims to equip environmental leaders with business and public sense through practical research into relief- and counter-measures to climate change in developing countries in Asia and Africa through environmental and social businesses, and environmental policy and design. This course will be conducted in English to accommodate international students. There is also ample opportunity to study in Japanese. Details on the Environmental Innovator Course can be found at the following website:

Project Courses Related to the Course

Academic Projects in which the leader or member is a faculty member of the EI Course

Faculty Members

  • Chairperson: YAN, Wanglin
  • ICHINOSE, Tomohiro
  • OKI, Satoko
  • OMAE, Manabu
  • KANIE, Norichika
  • KOBAYASHI, Hiroto
  • FURUTANI, Tomoyuki