Innovative Future Strategist Course (Datascience)

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About Innovative Future Strategist Course (Datascience)

This course aims to develop professional strategists who can put the knowledge of technology and data science into action. As a key to the industrial and productivity revolution, there is an urgent need to produce individuals who can combine new technologies from fields such as IoT, data science, AI, robotics, drones, and sensors. The Innovative Future Strategist Course implements knowledge and technology in both physical space and cyberspace, and develops professionals who are capable of strategic business development and system design.

Project Courses and Professional Courses Related to the Course

  • Cyber Informatics
  • Environmental Design and Governance
  • Political Structure and Social Innovation
  • Global Governance and Regional Strategy
  • Environmental Innovator Course
  • Social Innovator Course

Name of Faculty Members

  • Chairperson: FURUTANI, Tomoyuki
  • AOYAMA, Atsushi
  • AKIYAMA, Miki
  • OGI, Yuji
  • KATO,Takaaki
  • KUWAHARA,Takeo
  • NAKAMURO, Makiko