Keio University will shut down the university campuses for the time being.
We will not be able to respond to inquiries by phone. In case of an emergency, please send an e-mail. However, please understand that we may not be able to respond or will require time depending on the nature of your inquiry.

Please refer to below website regarding Keio University SFC's response to COVID-19.

For inquiries by telephone, please call only on weekdays between 9:15 a.m. and 4:50 p.m.
Please note that it might take time to respond to your inquiry by email during the school break period, which is indicated in the Academic Calendar webpage.

Telephone Email
Account Section +81-466-49-3402
Admissions Office (Faculty of Policy Management / Faculty of Environment and Information Studies) +81-466-49-3407
Admissions Office (Graduate School of Media and Governance) +81-466-49-3407
Admissions Office (Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and the Graduate School of Health Management) +81-466-49-6200
Career Services Section +81-466-49-3409
Deans's Secretary +81-466-49-3413
Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and Graduate School of Health Management Office +81-466-49-6200
General Affairs Section +81-466-49-3404
International Affairs Section +81-466-49-3628
Keio Research Institute at SFC +81-466-49-3436
Keio SFC Academic Society +81-466-49-3437
Mail Center +81-466-49-3612
Office of Research Administration, Shonan Fujisawa Campus +81-466-49-3436
Property Administration Section +81-466-49-3405
Public Relations Section +81-466-49-3418
Registrar Section +81-466-49-3406
SFC Alumni Office +81-466-49-3418
SFC Forum +81-3-5721-4596
Shonan Fujisawa Campus Faculty Recruitment Office (SFC-FRO) +81-466-49-3404
Shonan Fujisawa Clinic +81-466-49-3411
Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center +81-466-49-3423
Shonan Fujisawa Media Center +81-466-49-3430
Student Life Section +81-466-49-3408
Web Administrator -
Wellness Center +81-466-49-3411