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Name of Office Main content of inquiries Telephone Email
Office of General Affairs
*Phone-inquiry hours: Weekday 10:00-15:00
Contacting faculty members, visiting campus 0466-49-3404
Mailing and shipping, etc. 0466-49-3612
Contacting deans of the Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and Graduate School of Media and Governance 0466-49-3413
Alumni relations 0466-49-3418
Public relations, media coverage on campus 0466-49-3418
Office of Property Administration Use of facilities, equipment, vehicle access, guest house,Graduate school research funding 0466-49-3405
Breakdown/repair of equipment 0466-49-3631
Office of Accounting and Procurement Services External research funding, Accounting matter 0466-49-3402
Office of Student Services Academic Affairs Certificates, course registration, classes, timetables, semester-end examinations 0466-49-3406
Admissions Office Self-recommended admissions, open campus 0466-49-3407
Graduate school admissions 0466-49-3407
Student Life Scholarships, housing, student organizations 0466-49-3408
Placement, employment, careers 0466-49-3409
International Affairs International student support, signing international cooperation agreement (inquiries on studying abroad of Keio students should be directed to the Academic Affairs Section) 0466-49-3628
Shonan Fujisawa Media Center Matters relating to the Shonan Fujisawa Media Center 0466-49-3429
Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center
(Shonan Fujisawa KIC)
SFC-CNS (computer and networking) 0466-49-3423
Office of Research Development and Sponsored Projects Matters relating to the Keio Research Institute at SFC (commissioned/joint research, SFC Research Consortium, researchers, SFC Open Research Forum, etc.), support systems to encourage innovation 0466-49-3436
Keio SFC Academic Society "KEIO SFC REVIEW," "KEIO SFC JOURNAL," publications, annual meeting of Keio SFC Academic Society, etc. 0466-49-3437
SFC Forum administrative team Matters relating to the SFC Forum 0466-49-5271
Center for Physical and Mental Wellness at SFC
Keio University Health Center SFC Branch/Keio Shonan Fujisawa Clinic
Medical checkups/extra checkups, response to infectious diseases, consultation schedule, first aid 0466-49-3411
Neuropsychiatric care, student counseling 0466-49-3411
Section Main content of inquiries Telephone Email
Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and Graduate School of Health Management Office Matters relating to the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and Graduate School of Health Management 0466-49-6200

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