For inquiries by telephone, please call only on weekdays between 9:15 a.m. and 4:50 p.m.
Please note that it might take time to respond to your inquiry by email during the school break period, which is indicated in the Academic Calendar webpage.

Account Section +81-466-49-3402
Admissions Office (Faculty of Policy Management / Faculty of Environment and Information Studies) +81-466-49-3407
Admissions Office (Graduate School of Media and Governance) +81-466-49-3407
Admissions Office (Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and the Graduate School of Health Management) +81-466-49-6200
Career Services Section +81-466-49-3409
Deans's Secretary +81-466-49-3413
Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and Graduate School of Health Management Office +81-466-49-6200
General Affairs Section +81-466-49-3404
International Affairs Section +81-466-49-3628
Keio Research Institute at SFC +81-466-49-3436
Keio SFC Academic Society +81-466-49-3437
Mail Center +81-466-49-3612
Office of Research Administration, Shonan Fujisawa Campus +81-466-49-3436
Property Administration Section +81-466-49-3405
Public Relations Section +81-466-49-3418
Registrar Section +81-466-49-3406
SFC Alumni Office +81-466-49-3418
SFC Forum +81-3-5721-4596
Shonan Fujisawa Campus Faculty Recruitment Office (SFC-FRO) +81-466-49-3404
Shonan Fujisawa Clinic +81-466-49-3411
Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center +81-466-49-3423
Shonan Fujisawa Media Center +81-466-49-3430
Student Life Section +81-466-49-3408
Web Administrator -
Wellness Center +81-466-49-3411