Bachelor Project

The Bachelor's Project is research that students conduct using their skill and knowledge acquired at Keio University SFC. This research includes writing a thesis, producing models / visual images etc., and completing other research work appropriate to the Bachelor's Project. In order to graduate, students must complete a Bachelor's Project by registering for the Graduation Project 1 and the Graduation Project 2, which invariably last for two semesters, during which students are guided by their Research Mentors.

Students must first register for the Graduation Project 1 during the first semester of their last year of undergraduate study and write their research plans. Students must also obtain accreditation from the University in foreign language skills required in order to pursue research. Before students reach their forth year, or at the earliest possible time, they are advised to start studying a foreign language. Those students who have met the aforementioned requirements can become a Gakushikoho (学士候補).

A Gakusikoho (学士候補) can register for the Graduation Project 2 during the following semester. In the Graduation Project 2, students sum up the outcome of their research by writing a thesis or producing models,etc. It is mandatory for students to successfully pass the Graduation Project 2 and fulfill all the other requirements for graduation in order to procure a Bachelor's Degree.