In Case of Sickness or Injury on Campus

Wellness Center (weekdays, 9:00 - 17:30)

Contact the Wellness Center (extension 52201 or 52207, or 0466‐49‐3411). Wellness Center staff will handle the following procedures; make calls to the hospital, make calls for the ambulance or taxi, replace the patient to the Center, provide first-aid until the ambulance or taxi arrives, follow-up after the treatment has been done, and keep a record of the incident. Wellness Center is located on the second floor of the Alpha Building.

Shonan Fujisawa Clinic (weekdays)

Medical checkup is available during Mondays and Fridays. For details, please refer to the Keio University Health Center Shonan Fujisawa Branchwebsite (available in Japanese). Shonan Fujisawa Clinic is located inside the Wellness Center.

During night time, Holidays, and outside of Wellness Center Office Hours

Call the Security (extension 52190 or 52191, or 0466-45-5114). Security staff will handle the following procedures; make calls for the ambulance, lead the ambulance to where the patient is located, check and keep a record of the patient%%s ID, call the police if necessary, and provide basic first-aid.

Hospitals located near the Keio SFC

Fujisawa City website "Living Guide in Fujisawa" (available in PDF format)