Organizing Special Lectures (Inviting a Guest Speaker)

If you would like to invite a guest speaker for a special lecture in or outside of class hours, please submit the Application for Special Lectures form to the Property Administration or Kanzai section of the General Affairs Office at least seven days before the lecture. Gratuity for a guest speaker is 11,111 yen (including tax), and it is also possible to get additional funds from other sources. (It is limited to two times per course per semester, as a general rule).

Application for Special Lectures form is available in the Japanese language website of the Application Forms webpage.

In case of inviting the speaker from overseas, it is possible to utilize the Foreign Scholar Invitation Grant based on the Koizumi Foundation. Please inquire about this grant at the Office of Research Administration.

If you need to reserve a classroom for a special lecture or wish to post a notice advertising the lecture on the bulletin board, please inquire at the Registrar section of the Student Affairs Office.