Instructing Fieldwork Activities

Students are encouraged to be engaged in fieldwork activities at the Keio SFC. This webpage introduces the Fieldwork-related Course, which students can acquire credits of their fieldwork by making an application prior to their activity.

The following Fieldwork-related Courses are offered.
For undergraduates: Field Research 1 and 2 (2 credits)
For graduate students: Fieldwork A, B, C and D (2 credits),
Global Partners Networking (2 credits),
Global Issues Practice (2 credits)

  • When students conduct some fieldwork such as exploratory investigation, research activities, or internship, related to their personal research theme, faculty members are required to follow a prior application procedure including a written proposal of the research. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the academic advisors (or by the members of the Internship Committee), and only those students who are approved may file for the credits in the semester immediately after the activity has taken place.
  • As a general rule, these activities are limited to spring and summer breaks both for undergraduate and graduate school students.
  • For details on application forms, including the proposal of research and guideline, please refer to the bulletin board and afterwards of the SFC guide for Students of the Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environmental Information (available in Japanese).

Students choose an advising instructor before they start such activities. Advising instructors should fully understand and accept the responsibilities described below in their involvement in the students' activities.

  • Guidance to the candidate student from the planning stage
  • At least 3 hours of orientation prior to the activity (i.e. provision of information on the activity and giving advance guidance)
  • Evaluation and grading of the report submitted after the activity (absolute evaluation)
  • Attendance at the student's debriefing session, in cases when advising a student engaged in an internship