Class Cancellation / Makeup Classes

If faculty members need to cancel a class they must schedule a makeup class, specify the date, and submit a Class Cancellation Schedule Form to the Academic Affairs Office immediately. Based on this information, the Academic Affairs Office will notify students on the website.

In principle, a makeup class has to be scheduled either on Saturday or on a University's predetermined day, within a month before or after the class cancellation. When a class is cancelled by a faculty member, he / she must ensure that students are not inconvenienced in any way whatsoever due to overlapping makeup classes. If faculty members have decided to cancel a class/or classes due to academic conferences and / or business trips before the commencement of a semester, they should state the fact beforehand and mention it, together with makeup class schedule in the syllabus itself.

In details, please refer to [PDF] rules for Class Cancellations, Makeup Classes, and Substitute Teaching (59KB)