Academy Hills

Please follow the procedure described below when using the facilities at the Academy Hills.


  1. Check the room availability by contacting the Academy Hills by phone at <03-6406-6220>.
  2. Download the "Academy Hills Facility Usage Reservation Form for SFC", fill it in, and submit it by fax or email to the Property Administration section of the SFC Office.
    [PDF] Academy Hills Facility Usage Reservation Form for SFC(11KB)
    [EXCEL] Academy Hills Facility Usage Reservation Form for SFC(22KB)
  3. SFC Office will apply to the Academy Hills Office after checking the form.
  4. Academy Hills Office will send an email to the contact person and the SFC Office confirming the reservation.
  5. The user downloads the Omoshikomi nitsuite (about facility reservations) from the Academy Hills website, fill it in, and fax it to the Academy Hills Office.

For details on facilities and equipments, please contact the Academy Hills Office.

User Fee

User fee will be supported by the Keio SFC according to the content of the gathering.

Lectures: paid from the SFC undergraduate budget
Other: half is paid by the user and the other half by the SFC undergraduate budget

Calculation of the user fee
User fee for purposes other than holding lectures will be calculated based on the following method. User fee for rental equipments may differ based on occasions.

Regular rental fee (please refer to the Academy Hills website) x 0.85 (Keio discount rate for the academic year 2006) x 0.5 (other half is paid by Keio) x 1.05 (consuming tax).

SFC Office will send the invoice to the user. Users are to pay to the SFC Office (not the Academy Hills Office) in cash or by transferring their research fund. For details on payments, please contact the Property Administration section of the SFC Office.

Contact Information
Property Administration section, General Affairs Office, SFC Office
Phone: ex. 52167, 0466-49-3405
Fax: 0466-49-5041

Office hours
Weekdays 9:15-17:00. Closed onSaturdays, Sundays, and holidays.