2016 Faculty Employment at the Faculty of Policy Management, the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and the Graduate School of Media and Governance SFC-FR25

Friday, Aug 17, 2018

Keio University
Prof. Takeshi Kawazoe, Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management
Prof. Jun Murai, Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Prof. Yasushi Kiyoki, Dean of the Graduate School of Media and Governance


In 2015, Keio University's Shonan Fujisawa Campus celebrated its 25th anniversary. Looking forward toward the next twenty-five years, the Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and Graduate School of Media and Governance are taking the bold step of opening a new Faculty Recruitment Office (FRO) to attract leading educators and researchers interested in global society.

Research areas at SFC include governmental policy design, social innovation, international strategy, management and organization, metropolitan and regional strategy, leading information systems, leading regional design, leading biology, environmental design, and human environment.

The Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies research fields are detailed at

We are looking for people who can lead efforts to solve social issues and open up new fields of research in areas not currently represented at SFC. From 2016 to 2019, we expect to hire approximately 25 tenure-track and tenured faculty.
We are looking for candidates willing to build on their prior experience in individual areas and commit to multidisciplinary education, research and social practice on a global scale with other researchers after arriving at SFC.

Research fields associated with each area are list below. Whether the applicant has a track record that spans more than one of these fields will be taken into consideration. Which faculty or graduate school to which successful applicants are assigned will be determined after the hiring decision is made and may not exactly match these fields.

SFC-FR25 Entry(Application end)

If you wish to apply in a later time period, please complete the online pre-submission form and notify the FRO that you wish to be considered at a later time.

For certain positions that urgently need to be filled, the process will be carried out individually. From time to time, such positions may appear on our web page or in other forums.

[Areas and Fields]


Area X: Fields which combine various researches

Area 0: Fields not yet represented at SFC
Area 1: International politics; regional studies from the viewpoint of security guarantees
 Field (1): Disciplines: international politics, political science, comparative political science, political economics
 Field (2): Regions: Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe
 Field (3): Issues: terrorism, energy, nuclear nonproliferation, space
Area 2: Formation of a symbiotic society and resilient human environment
 Field (1): Fusion of environmental technology and environmental science, empirical political policy
 Field (2): Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services
 Field (3): Gender, poverty reduction, capacity building
 Field (4): Climate change, adaptation
 Field (5): Health, public health
Area 3: Practice of global dynamics and renovation of cities, regions, organizations, and companies
 Field (1): Growth and degeneration of urban areas and regions
 Field (2): Spatial economics, economic geography, demography
 Field (3): Circulation of water, air and material; energy system design
 Field (4): Strategic organizational design and human resources management
Area 4: Fostering wellness, happiness and culture
 Field (1): Sports, wellness
 Field (2): Education, communication
 Field (3): Artistic expression, musical expression, image expression, media expression, design engineering, entertainment
 Field (4): Philosophy, culture, psychology
 Field (5): Applied economics, behavioral economics, experimental economics, neuroeconomics
Area 5: Human resource development for multilingual, multicultural societies
 Field (1): Multilingual education (English, Chinese, etc.)
 Field (2): Language learning assessment
 Field (3): Multilingual policy, multicultural policy
 Field (4): Plurilingual, pluricultural human resource development
Area 6: Formation of global societal infrastructure by creating and integrating new technology industries
 Field (1): Data science, robotics, drones, sensing, financial technology, science communication
 Field (2): Computer science education, natural language processing, privacy
 Field (3): Cybersecurity; Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices; programming languages and tools for Internet-scale systems
 Field (4): Post-silicon computing, artificial intelligence (AI), artificial life, computer systems (hardware and software), theory of computation, physics of information

[Screening Method]

An outline of the screening process is below. Further details of the secondary screening process will be sent to applicants separately.

First round: based on submitted materials
Second round: special seminar or other methods
Third round: final interview

[Schedule and submission dates]

Submissions are divided into several periods. If you wish to apply in a later time period, please complete the online pre-submission form and notify the FRO that you wish to be considered at a later time.


Schedule of submission and review(Finish all)

Start date

Entry period

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


































* Those who have previously applied but were not selected may reapply in future selections.


Faculty of Policy Management
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Graduate School of Media and Governance


Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Visiting Lecturer
Professor (non-tenured)
Associate Professor (non-tenured)
Assistant Professor (non-tenured)

[Field of specialization]

See the section "Areas and Fields" above.


・  Understand the SFC philosophy, and participate willingly in teaching, research, and campus obligations.
・  Hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree, or expect to receive one before April 2017, or have equivalent accomplishments.
・  Superb record of accomplishments in your chosen field.
・  Work together with other SFC faculty on teaching, research, and campus obligations in diverse areas.
・  Be willing and able to teach and conduct research in English.
・  Commute to SFC regularly.

[Submission Materials]

・  Full c.v., including:
                Birth date
                Address and contact information, especially e-mail address
                Accomplishments, divided into:
                            Research results (publications, software, demonstrations, etc.)
                            Teaching experience
                            Social contributions
                            Other relevant accomplishments

・  Copies of 3 to 5 representative papers or photos of artworks
・  Teaching statement, research plans, planned social contributions, and how you hope to have an impact on SFC, totaling 10 pages or less, A4 format. Diversity is valued at SFC. We are seeking applicants who can participate in interdisciplinary activities and contribute to education, research and social practice together. Please describe how you would like to collaborate with SFC faculty and influence society once you arrive at SFC, and the research areas and fields to which you plan to contribute.
・  Two letters of recommendation, to be submitted directly through the web entry system by the recommender (letters in Japanese or English only, please).

[Submission Process and Addresses]

Please submit your documents via the following website:

 URL end)


General Affairs, Faculty Recruiting Office

E-mail: jinji-fro [at]

[More Information]

You can learn more about both undergraduate faculties and the graduate school, as well as the SFC philosophy, via the campus website.

[SFC Faculty Campus Responsibilities]

・  Student admission, promotion, and graduation decisions
・  Participation in campus management
・  Teaching: Lecture and laboratory/practice courses; mentoring undergraduates through the "kenkyuukai"/"zemi" system; supervising the theses of undergraduates, master's students, and Ph.D. students; participating in one or more graduate school projects.

pre-submission inquiry

If you wish to apply in a later time period, please complete the online pre-submission form (, submit the necessary documents and notify the FRO that you wish to be considered at a later time. At the appropriate time, please check back with the FRO website for available positions. (There will be no further direct communication from the university.)
* Pre-submission inquiries will be held in confidence.

[Privacy Policy]

All submitted materials will be held in confidence and used in accordance with Keio University's published privacy policy:
Especially, applicants' names, addresses and other personal information will not be shared with anyone outside of this personnel recruitment.

[Equal Opportunity Statement]

Keio University does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability and genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, or other non-merit factor.